Fork Guide 

Interactive Food Destinations Service 


Food is fuel for our bodies and a necessity for life; in other words, a universal need. However, because everyone is so unique, every has different dietary needs that need to be met. People's dietary needs vary depending on many factors; religious beliefs, cultural, ethical, environmental, social, or health factors. Just finding a suitable restaurant can be a mammoth task to many people because of these unique needs. These individuals should not have to feel restricted or feel nervous about what is in their meal in a city with so many food offerings.

Forkguide is an interactive online service that connects users to food destinations that match their unique dietary needs, as well as the needs of the people they are dining with. Forkguide relieves the stress of eating out and takes the guesswork out of the restaurant experience. Forkguide is available at anytime on all platforms: mobile, tablet, and web.

Forkguide placed first place in Communication Design at Design Exchange CONNECT: EnAbling Change competition.

Project Co-owned by Tammy Kittananthawongs, Tina Chan, Cecilia Uhr, Kathy Lu, Annabelle Li, andMichelle Lee.

My role: ux/ui design