Thinking of what to wear on a daily basis or packing the right clothes for traveling can be frustrating. Often times, women face the problem of “I don’t have anything to wear” in many circumstances. In the meantime, there are 13 million tons of textiles waste each year and only 15% are reused or recycled according to the American EPA. How could we improve our buying habit or maximize the use of the clothes we have?

Closet helps users to keep track of their current wardrobe pieces, while promoting clothing donation. By making theuser’s wardrobe become more accessible, they can style and plan outfits anywhere at anytime. Closet hopes to improve the overall experience of styling the outfits. Closet also encourages users to donate their clothes with a feature to track the nearest clothes recycling bins. This helps to promote clothing recycling within the community and reduce textile waste.

Closet received an Honourable Mention Award in Interactive Design at RGD Student Awards 2015.