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I am Tammy Kittananthawongs, a designer from Toronto. I have graduated from York University / Sheridan College bachelor of design honours program in 2015. I am an enthusiastic designer that appreciates the legibility, functionality, and beauty of design. My focus of design is in UX/UI design, editorial, and branding. I am motivated to learn new approaches that would further develop and expand my creative thinking and design skills. 

Hope to collaborate with you!


UX/UI Design
Digital Publishing

Print Communications
Information Graphic 


Honourable Mention in Packaging Design
Get Well  l  Adobe Student Awards 2015

Honourable Mention in Interaction Design 
Closet App  l  RGD Student Awards 2015

Winner in the Designer-Driven category  
Against Animal Testing  l  RGD's So(cial) Good Design Awards 2014

Honourable Mention in Information Design 
Against Animal Testing  l  RGD Student Awards 2014

Semi-Finalist in Packaging Design 
Happy Cup  l  Adobe Student Awards 2014

First Place in Communication Design 
Fork Guide (Collaboration with Michelle Lee, Cecilia Uhr, Kathy Lu, Tina Chan, Annabelle Lee)
Design Exchange CONNECT: EnAbling Change competition 2013

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